One of the best observation points in Sri Lanka this tower is situated in 1965 feet from the level of Gampola town. It is considered as a multi-religious sanctuary as the Trigonometrical Station, consists of large winding tower resembling a stylized Buddhist stupa, a Hindu kovil, a Muslim mosque and a Christian Church. It is situated about 5 km from Gampola town centre and gives a 360-degree views of the surroundings.

It is an area richly diverse, with evergreen forests, blossomed flower plants as well creepers and about 200 different kinds of plants from 80 plant families including a variety of medicinal plants. Ambuluwawa is surrounded by many mountains including Piduruthalagala from the East, Bible Rock (Bathalegala) from the West, Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) from the South and Knuckles Mountain Range from the North. The history of the Ambuluwawa Temple dates back to the 13th century during the reign of King Buwanekabahu IV. It is said that the Ambuluwawa Peak was the center of the Gampola Kingdom during his reign

Do note that hiking Ambuluwawa is not at all dangerous or risky, but it would not be the ideal kind of adventure for those with a fear of heights.


Sri Lanka is blessed with gorgeous beaches, scenic beauty, diverse wildlife, rich history and culture, endless adventure activities, exquisite cuisines and welcoming people. There simply is something to suit every one of all ages and interests here.

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