Aukana Buddha

Aukana Buddha Statue in Sri Lanka that rise to a height off 11.36 meters, is the tallest ancient Buddha statue in Sri Lanka. Situated around 60 km away from Sigiriya, this statue is carved out of a large granite rock and is considered as the best example of a standing statue of the Buddha from ancient Sri Lanka.

Located around 30km northwest of Dambulla rock, this Buddha statue seem to depict the serene expression of Buddha, from his curled hair to the flowing drapery clinging to the body. It is the tallest Buddha statue in existence today. Following the destruction of similar but much larger statues at Bamiyan in Afghanistan, the Aukana Buddha has gained even greater significance in the Buddhist World.

The best time to see the magnificent statue is at the crack of dawn when the first rays of sun light up the east-facing statue’s finely carved features.


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