Kalu Diya Pokuna (Black Water Pool)

Located around 13km east of Anuradhapura, this is a part of the visit of the Mihintale rock. Following the King’s conversion to Buddhism, it is believed he built this natural water pool for the consumption of the Buddhist monks. The name ‘Black Water’ was given to it due to the complexion of the water that appeared on the surface due to the surrounding rocks and darkness.

Kaludiya Pokuna is rich is diversity with its flaura and fauna as it is home for endemic and non-endemic species of flora and fauna, that prevail much more secure than other forests in Sri Lanka. The site is surrounded by farmland and human settlements from the north, east, and west but is undisturbed by humans and the primates are not provisioned. There is no evidence to indicate that hunting, timber extraction, or woodcutting have occurred at the site.

Kaludiya Pokuna is rich with its populations of primate species mainly, where many researches on primates based on this site, especially on tufted gray langur and purple-faced langur. The forest is also composed of many endemic and highly valuable trees and shrubs. The majority of flora are in the family Euphorbiaceae.


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