Purchasing souverniers and awareness of Illegal souvenirs

Illegal souvenirs

When you are returning home after the holiday, you think you will probably bring home a few souvenirs. So, it is important that you chose what you can bring home with you.

Items which is made before 1815 and anything more than 50 years old – rare books, palm-leaf manuscripts, and anthropological material which define as Antiques, you cannot export without permission from the National Archives, www.archives.gov.lk and the Department of Archaeology, www.archaeology.gov.lk

Purchase and export of any wild animal, bird or reptile, dead or alive, also, the export of parts of animals, birds or reptiles, such as skins, horns, scales, teeth, nails, bones, eggs and feathers as souvenirs is prohibited.

Occasional exports are, however, permitted exclusively for bona fide scientific purposes. It is prohibited to export 450 plant species without special permits. The export of coral, shells, or other protected marine products is also strictly prohibited.

Applications for special permission to export fauna should be made to the Department of Wildlife Conservation and Forest Department www.environmentlanka.com

Below is a list of items you may find that are not permitted for purchase or export

  • Items made from coral, feathers
  • Any items made using turtle shells
  • Ivory products even if set with gems/jewellery
  • Precious metal (platinum, gold, silver) in any form ie coins, items

Author : Hasheema Suriyapperuma, Manager Sales, Pan Lanka Travels

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